Patient Services


The following are the list of services provided by the Physicians under Medical Department.

  • Patient assessment on admission and every day and weekly progress notes.
  • Decision about management of the patient and head coordination of the other team of care.
  • Prescribing medication
  • Explaining to the patient and the family about the patient health
  • NGT insertion
  • PEG tube change
  • Foley Catheter Insertion
  • Connect patient to mechanical ventilator
  • Central Line Insertion
  • Writing Medical Report of the patient

Nursing Department

Nursing Care Services
Administrative Services:
  1. Reporting and meeting with the administrative heads about daily activities under nursing.
  2. Management of manpower planning under nursing.
  3. Monthly audit in nursing units.
  4. Collection of daily census.
  5. Collaborative meeting with other departments.
  6. Participating in daily activities of Infection Prevention and Control and Housekeeping.
  7. Inventory management of units.
  8. Helping in medication management i.e. Narcotics
  9. Coordination with the total quality management. i.e. Participating in making policies and procedures, key performance improvement, and patient safety.
  10. Making teams under nursing management for different activities.
Clinical Services:
  1. Vital Signs Monitoring
  2. Nursing Assessment abd Re-Assessment
  3. Medication Administration
  4. IV Therapy
  5. Care and management of enteral feeding
  6. Blood glucose monitoring
  7. Pulse oxymeter monitoring
  8. Urinary catheter insertion, care, and monitoring
  9. Pressure ulcer management
  10. Wound Care management
  11. Care of patients in restraints
  12. Fall prevention management
  13. Care to patients on ventilator
  14. Care to patients with PICC Line
  15. Physical needs: Oral care, skin, eye care, suctioning and tracheostomy care, perineal care
  16. Crash cart management
  17. Transcription, verification and communication of physicians' order
  18. Oxygen administration via nasal cannula and face mask
  19. Enema administration
  20. Care to patients with colostomy
  21. Collecting specimens for investigation
  22. Provides post mortem care
  23. Neurological and pain assessment
  24. Ambulatory Care i.e. Admission, Discharge, Conduction, Transfer, Referrals, Out on Pass in coordination to resident's primary hospital
  25. Staffing allocation, staff hiring, vacation planning, sick leaves of staffs
  26. Allocation of patients in different units as per acuity level.
  27. Unit shift assessment
  28. Making nursing care plans
  29. Management of conflicts and complaints.
  30. Material and Inventory management of unit stocks.
  31. Management of controlled drug and high alert medications.
  32. Collaborative management with pharmacy in handling narcotic drugs.
  33. Daily management of medications for residents in unit wise administration.
  34. Assisting doctors during ward rounds and procedures.
  35. Participating in BLS, ACLS, and Fire and Safety Trainings.
  36. Collaborating with the activities of IPC and Housekeeping.
  37. Continuous in-service education on policies and procedures and equipment.
  38. Par level linen management.
  39. Coordination with the total quality management. i.e. Participating in making policies and procedures, key performance improvement, and patient safety.
  40. Patient and family education.
Education Services:
  1. Training activities for nurses, caregivers, and technicians.
  2. In-service education on clinical aspects, policies and procedures, and new brought equipment.
  3. Participating in seminars and workshops in collaboration hospitals like King Faisal Specialized Hospital and Research Center, Prince Sultan Military Medical Center, King Fahad Medical Center, and hospitals accredited by Ministry of Health in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Hospital wide, departmental and unit specific trainings.
  5. Research in family recognition and involvement in providing care.

Infection Prevention & Control Department

The following are the list of services provided by Infection Prevention & Control Department:

  • Daily Rounds
  • In-Service Education
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring
  • Compliance with Contact Isolation Monitoring
  • CAUTI Monitoring
  • VAP Monitoring
  • MRDO Monitoring
  • Environmental Surveillance Kitchen Surveillance
  • Kitchen surveillance
  • Constructions and Renovation Compliance Survey
  • In-Service Education
  • Immunization Program
  • MRDO Monitoring