Welcome to Health Oasis Hospital Health Oasis Hospital (HOH) formerly known as Riyadh Oasis Hospital is located in Riyadh City, the capital of Saudi Arabia, considered as one of the most advanced long term care hospital in the Middle East. read more

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Health Oasis Hospital Achieved JCI Gold Seal of Excellence

The Joint Commission International helps the organization all over the world in delivering the highest quality of care and achieves maximum performance by providing strict standards and continuous patient & care solution….
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Health Oasis Hospital has become synonymous with medical excellence because of its highly trained doctors who expertly utilize cutting-edge medical equipment and technology to deliver effective, safe and compassionate care.Read More

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img4We are the first and only dedicated long term care facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide such a service for patients in need of long term care focusing the highest standard care in this field.

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With the blessings of AllahThe idea was conceived right from Read more