Mission and Vision


Health Oasis Hospital is dedicated in providing quality patient care through advance technology and acquiring highly trained health professionals by providing them with education and research that will enhance their interest to clinical excellence and patient safety.




Health Oasis Hospital strives to be the leader in comprehensive healthcare pursuing the highest standards of care to patients with chronic illness for long-term management in the Middle East.


We strive at Health Oasis Hospital to provide exceptional, timely, effective, and efficient health care through the application of the most current evidence- based medical practices in a safe and patient-centered environment; and to support the key strategic objective to improve patient safety to best-practice levels.




Guided by this vision/mission, Health Oasis Hospital is dedicated to the attainment of the following;


Ensuring Compliance to all applicable legal and statutory requirements.

1-Align all HOH staff responsibilities and duties base on their educational and professional qualification.

2-Establish contracts from qualified and credible company with regards to outsourcing of services rendered to patient such as laboratory and diagnostic test, food services and housekeeping services.

3-Establish contracts from qualified and credible company with regards to acquisition of medical supplies and equipments emphasizing the marketability of the process product they provide.

Ensuring continual improvement in the process and operations. 

1-Establish a routine maintenance schedule of equipments that observe local and international standards.

2-Acquiring state of the art patient monitoring, ventilator, laboratory and diagnostic equipments.

3-Implement a strict monitoring of medical equipment’s and diagnostic machines in terms of its functionality and calibration.

4-Set quality standards in requisition and acquisition of new equipment’s in compliance with local and international.

5-Improve HOH website to advertise its services offered.

6-Develop internal and external advertisement systems to project HOH mission/vision and its services offered.

7-Create a program that gives emphasis on environmental concern.

Conduct researches and trainings on health care staff to deliver quality health care that enhances patient’s satisfaction. 

Identify and research innovative collaborative partnership models with the intent of determining a model that will dramatically improve the patient experience at Health Oasis Hospital.

Conduct orientation/re-orientation program among health care staff about the vision and mission of HOH and the services we rendered that respects cultural heritage and national pride.

Build and maintain a strong partnership with the affiliating hospital, giving emphasis on delivering quality health care services.

Establish an admission/re-admission policy and communicate clearly with the referring hospital (KFSH&RC, RMH & KFMC) and others the VMO of HOH.

Effective communications between HOH and affiliating hospitals develop stronger partnership.

Encourage affiliating hospitals to visit and observe the standards of HOH bi-annually andt o give feed backs to improve the services we rendered.