Health Oasis Hospital has become synonymous with medical excellence because we deliver exceptional care and rehabilitation service to our entire resident. HOH Care has passion in providing highest Quality Care that our resident's needed and deserved.

Before becoming part of the Health Oasis Hospital, our doctors, nurses and other medical staff go through a comprehensive credentialing process. Many of our doctors completed their training in and received board certifications from topnotch hospitals in the US, India, Sudan and Europe.

Our holistic orientation is at the vein of everything we do. Among those that take this to heart are our nurses whose dedication is apparent in their patient-centered and personalized approach to nursing care.

Health Oasis Hospital, nurses supervises only four patients, as an international standard. This enables us to give quantity and quality of time, energy and attention that our resident deserves. Trained in all aspects of nursing care, our staff members are ready, willing and able to attend to your concerns, help speed up admission, familiarize you with the hospital grounds and procedures, attend to bedside needs, address discrepancies, and assist in the discharge process. As with all our staff, our nurses are well-versed with and respect the patient's rights.