Health Oasis Hospital has become synonymous with medical excellence because we deliver exceptional care andrehabilitation service to our entire resident. HOH Care has passion in providing highest Quality Care that our resident’s needed anddeserved.

Before becoming part of the Health Oasis Hospital, our doctors, nurses andother medical staff go through a comprehensive credentialing process. Many of our doctors completed their training in andreceived board certifications from topnotch hospitals in the US, India, Sudan andEurope.

Our holistic orientation is at the vein of everything we do. Among those that take this to heart are our nurses whose dedication is apparent in their patient-centered andpersonalized approach to nursing care.

Health Oasis Hospital, nurses supervises only four patients, as an international standard. This enables us to give quantity andquality of time, energy andattention that our resident deserves. Trained in all aspects of nursing care, our staff members are ready, willing andable to attend to your concerns, help speed up admission, familiarize you with the hospital grounds andprocedures, attend to bedside needs, address discrepancies, andassist in the discharge process. As with all our staff, our nurses are well-versed with andrespect the patient’s rights.


Health Oasis Hospital serves patient with one or more of the following conditions:

1-Patient on chronic ventilator support (tracheostomy)
2-Pediatric patient (ages 1 year to 14 years old) who needs long term care
3-Colostomy Care for initial or debilitated patient
4-Catheter (foley or suprapubic)
5-Regular observations of BP, PR, RR
6-Regular dressing change
7-Patient need medication which cannot be self- administrated
8-Terminal Cancer/ Conditions – need for palliative care
9-Use of restricted (Narcotics & Controlled) and/or High Alert medications
10-NGT feeding, PEG tube feeding and other enteral feeding
11-Continuous IV therapy/ IV drugs administration
12-Cognitive impairment/ Dementia
13-Comatose patient/Vegetative state/semi-conscious
14-Generalized Weakness, Quadriplegia, hemiplegia and Spastic conditions
15-Patient need excessive assistance such as bathing, dressing and grooming
16-Diabetic patient with Complications
17-Hypertensive Patients
18-Chronic CVA patients or other chronic neurological conditions
19-Patient on pain
20-Wound Care
21-Patient with Congenital Malformation/Childhood neurological diseases
22-Bladder and bowel incontinent patient
23-Careful measurement of intake and output
24-Routine nursing care for medical and social reasons.