Hospital services and facilities


Health Oasis Hospital is a long term care facilities. The process of the admission to Health Oasis Hospital is made thru referring hospital; the referring hospital will send a medical report of their patient via email or fax at the office of the duty manager and the Medical Director will evaluate as per criteria;

  • Acceptance of the case, the duty manager will inform the referring hospital that the case was accepted via fax.
  • Refusal of the case, the duty manager will inform the referring hospital to discuss the reason of the refusal of the case, and the duty manager will suggest other hospital wherein patient can be referred.

The duty manager will be informed the nursing department for the admission thru the nursing supervisor and informed the head nurse to prepare the room hand over the medical report. Once the admission came the nursing supervisor will informed the interdisciplinary team in the said admission.

Wrist Identification Band

For your safety and facilitation purposes, you will be issued a wristband stating your name, medical records number (MRN), age, and gender. Wear it at all times while in the hospital.

Consent Form

By admitting resident to the hospital, you have given tacit agreement to undergo general treatment which may be required for your condition. Certain procedures would require your specific written consent.