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CEO’s Message

The Health Oasis Hospital insures comprehensive health care for patients who are suffered from chronic diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HOH specialized in medical chronic diseases, as well as providing home services for the elderly. Thus, HOH has preventive services, therapeutic services and rehabilitation services.

Elderly patients need excessive care and attention. Then, we must be as efficient as needed to meet their essentials. The care of elderly patients is a major medical challenge for Health Oasis Hospital, though we provide great quality health care by identifying changes that occur in the patients. Cases of changes, Physically, Psychologically, nutritionally, state of health and socially changes. According to that HOH will design its services to the beneficiaries by providing specialized treatment services in accordance with the highest standards of health quality. In particular, the services will meet the standards of the Ministry of Health, and the World Health Organization.

The Technology competition which is taking place in the kingdom and around the world requires the establishments of such a portal to comply with the requirements of the healthcare sector. However, a sophisticated website is an essential approach to connect clients with an organization for resources and information. Health Oasis Hospital website will provide the complete information, and applications needed for clients in a professional manner that presents the necessary forms of electronic content such as texts, images, audio and video. Furthermore, keep up with the positive repetition that HOH has.

Websites are a modern tool that helps to bring and circulate information. It enables prospects in the concept of technical communication with the beneficiary. While this may be true, it plays an important role in determining the quality of the services provided by the organization.

Therefore, the executive management ensures to make a qualitative leap in the concept of communicating. For instance, connecting with clients, introducing the hospital, spreading the news, and presenting health services. In other words, communicating with the community and contributing to spreading health awareness through the launch of the website of Health Oasis Hospital, Riyadh.

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