Psychosocial Care Department

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Psychosocial Care Department

The Department of Social Services seeks to achieve the highest level of satisfaction between patients and their families in providing comprehensive care that helps eliminate the psychological stress and social support that affects the quality of life and lifestyle of individuals, as well as the continuous development of skills and abilities of health staff that provides health care to patients through workshops and courses and training meeting sessions with them.

Provided Services:

  • Achieving a healthier and better life in terms of concern to patients and their families
  • Raising the level of patient’s activity and helping them to live their lives in a normal or near normal.
  • Helping patients and their families make the right therapeutic decisions and support them.
  • The psychological care of patients and their families and the establishment of an adaptive stage for the patient and his/her family to accept the general health condition of the disease.
  • Providing health education and guidance through appropriate brochures and publications
  • Raising awareness among patients and their families and sitter security measures and safety precautions against infection and so on.
  • Conducting a psycho-social assessment of the patient, in which he will explain the social and economic aspects, psychological and social factors, and determine the type of disability and the obstacles to the patient’s treatment plan.
  • Accepting and reviewing referrals health team of psychological and social issues
  • Helping and guiding patients and their families to obtain medical devices through associations or charities and help them complete the forms and requirements
  • Identifying programs and social activities that fit patients and coordinate with relevant departments.

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