Long Term Care Services

Better quality life..
to our loved ones.

Long Term Care Services

  • Provides comprehensive healthcare among our long-term care residents that includes state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.
  • Our medical and nursing care services are handed by highly-qualified and dedicated staff.
  • Provides single room for each patient. Each room has a bathroom especially made for disabled and elderly patients. This room is as elegant as a hotel that has well-fixed cabinet where our residents and their family’s belonging can be kept safely.

    It also has lovely furniture that enhances the beauty of the room. A television for recreation and personal refrigerator where they can keep goods temporarily for refreshments are also available. A room balcony was intentionally made so that our residents can enjoy the beautiful view of the hospital outdoors, smell the fresh air to make them relax and feel free.

  • All wards in the hospital has a function and resting area for our residents, sitters and visitors where you can see big dining table intended for family meeting, periodic rounds for the doctors and family to discuss the management plans for the patients.

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