Resident’s & Guardian Responsibilities

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Resident’s & Guardian Responsibilities

  • To provide all available information relevant to his / her condition and medical history.
  • To comply with the agreed treatment plan.
  • To inform the physician about any unexpected changes in his / her condition during treatment .
  • To comply with the instructions for the use of prescribed medications and dietary regimens.
  • To follow instructions and rules for safety in the hospital.
  • To behave appropriately and respectfully with the health care staff and respecting the feeling of other residents.
  • To leave the medical facilities without delay upon completion of treatment once he / she is discharged. In case of delay, the hospital has the right to take reasonable action.
  • Should take care of hospital’s facilities, equipment and other properties, as well as, other resident’s properties.
  • Sitters or Anyone with the resident should comply with the policies and instructions provided by the administration.
  • Should comply with the proper ethics and respect for other’s privacy.
  • Should not bring any weapons inside the hospital premises.
  • Should not take photographs inside the hospital premises.
  • Should comply with the visiting hours provided by the administration.
  • To comply strictly with the policies on patient personal valuables by not bringing any valuables when coming for elective admission.
  • Should inform the staffs of his / her whereabouts before leaving his / her room once allowed by the attending physician. Furthermore, should go back once requested by the staffs when his / her safety is at risk.
  • Should be held accountable for any defects or damages in the rooms or equipment as a result of mishandling or negligence.
  • To ensure that their authorized attendant is responsible on strictly obtaining an Authorized Sitter from and complying with the instructions and regulations in patient’s care.
  • To follow No Cigarette Smoking Policy inside the hospital premises.

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