Resident’s and Guardian Rights

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Resident’s and Guardian Rights

  • To receive a clear explanation of his / her rights and responsibilities.
  • To receive the necessary care according to his / her health condition.
  • To know the name of the treating physician, including the specialization and the ways on how to contact him / her.
  • To consider and respect patients information confidentiality.
  • To have safe environment and treatment.
  • To be treated with full respect.
  • To refuse or discontinue any treatment after receiving a thorough explanation, including the consequences of proceeding or not proceeding with the procedure. However, the hospital will not be held liable for any result.
  • To have an interpreter to communicate if necessary.
  • To have a written consent before carrying out any medical or surgical procedure.
  • To refuse to participate in any Medical Research.
  • To be informed of the treatment plan with the treating physician, or in any change in the treatment plan, as well as, on resident’s condition.
  • To receive instructions, education and guidance specific for the prescribed medications and diets.
  • To be not physically exposed when unnecessary for examination.
  • To have a compassionate and dignified nursing and medical care of the dying and the dead body.
  • To obtain a continuous and organized care and referral to different treatment levels or facilities if his / her condition requires it.
  • To be provided with proper means to contact his / her family.
  • To obtain a discharge summary about his / her health condition at the time of discharge from the hospital.
  • To submit a verbal or written complains or suggestions to Health Oasis Hospital administration.
  • To obtain a second opinion if requested.

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